Saturday, March 29, 2008

"A ChOicE"

Difficult to breath,

So afraid to see his face again,

Know nothing can change,

All same old problems would make me insane now and then.

Lost between hate and love,

My eyes are filled with sadness.

Found no way to forgive or forget,

How I wish to pass a day without looking back.

Sometime I confused that he ever loved me…

After all what he had done for me,

Why would he claim back like revenge?

Did loving me cause him so much pain?

Hopelessly broken down…

Tears are starting to form rivers.

Just let me drawn in my own making,

Even dreams are started to bleed.

Attaching strings made me, a jailed puppet,

Tell me a lie so can I stop hurting myself.

Crack my head and save my soul…

May be there is no ‘us’ in tomorrow.

Tempted to run back into your arms,

Despite coldness due to out of love,

To accept this is the right time to let go,

Sometimes I can’t take it just like a fool.

Though there were memories full of happiness,

How to say when enough is enough?

There seem no strengths when I needed most,

All I want is just to stand back on my own.

So let me hide myself until the day,

When I can say “it doesn’t matter anymore”,

They say time will heal the wounds in heart,

So until that day, please let me hide myself.


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