Monday, February 9, 2009

"letting out"

Just strip me..
Since you will see only what you wants to see..
strip my skin and let you see what are deep within

Try crack my skull...and see for yourself
Of how much space I gave you in my memory back then
Just break my ribs and try feel
my heartbeats
Of how alive that can be as well

I may be hated but I am not a fake
When I asked you to believe me, I meant believe me

Do slide my fleshes and smell how fresh my blood is..
Even now, to erase me and able to leave everything behind,
Burn me till ashes only then I will let you go...

Dear, aren't you aware of it by now?
There is no possible way I go easy on this..
The moment you sat beside me, you had stopped feeling life.

Now I engraved words for last time filling up on this page
Truth is.... I have always told you the truth, nothing else but only truth.
That is why you got to believe me!

mhu darye

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